Floating Souls: The Canal Murders

8by Mary H. Manhein
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Floating Souls: The Canal Murders is a murder mystery set in New Orleans where bodies of young women are found in drainage canals. Called in to find a pattern to the homicides and to help profile a perpetrator is Maggie Andrepont, local forensic anthropologist. Complicating matters is an old flame from graduate school, now Minister of Antiquities in Rome, who asks Maggie’s immediate assistance to sort out the mystery of ancient bodies found in a famous campanile in Venice, Italy. Juggling work on corpses on two continents challenges Maggie in ways no one could have predicted. When it turns out someone is stalking her, the tension ratchets up,leading to astartling conclusion to this taut and fascinating sleuthing experience.
This is author Mary H.Manhein’s first foray into fiction. As head of the FACES Lab (Forensic Anthropology and Computer Enhancement Services) at Louisiana State University, her many years of experience embue the novel with detials that only someone of her background could know. She is also the author of the non-fiction books The Bone Lady and Trail of Bones based on cases she has worked on.

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