Jazz Stories: From Katrina to Connecticut


Jazz Stories: From Katrina to Connecticut

by Professor Arturo

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No . . . every microfiction in this collection is not necessarily “about” jazz or its players, although many are. The construct of most of these works is intended to reflect the essence of the music through the implementation of extensive improvisational “word riffs,” multi-patterned phrasings, and extended linguistic solos.

This book is piction (poetic fiction). No resemblance is intended between any character herein and any person living, dead, or otherwise unembodied in the flesh. Any such resemblance is impurely coincidental.

“. . . an informative and interesting piece of history. I’ve never seen a writing on the cemeteries described so eloquently.” — Annette Bak (former resident of New Orleans. Retired-Chevron Corporation. Artist. Apiarist. Mentor. Tutor.)

“Using exquisite craftsmanship, Arthur Pfister brilliantly captures the rhythmic cadences, propulsive verve, and scintillating vivacity of New Orleans culture. . . . A literary classic! ” — Tony Bolden (Tony Bolden teaches courses on black writing and music at the University of Kansas and iss the author of Afro-Blue: Improvisations in African American Poetry and Culture.

“Professor Arturo (a.k.a. Arthur Pfister) is a New Orleans poetry legend. In Jazz Stories he serves up that great city’s powerful soul and then some, in ‘micro’ tales that go down smooth as chicory coffee in a Treme café. His prose vibrates with rhythms and runs of the Big Easy’s true artists — its long-suffering and beautiful people….” George Guida (Poetry Editor, 2 Bridges Review; President, the Italian American Studies Association)

“The stories are complex, detailed, executed with wit and underlined with moral restitution.” — Paula Podlaski (Library Assistant, Everett I.L.Baker Library, Norwalk Community College)

“Jazz Stories is naturally New Orleans. . . . It captures the heart and soul of a people, their culture, community and all that jazz.” — Vera Warren (Owner, Community Book Center, New Orleans)