Matters of the Heart: A Creole Love Story



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by Mary M. Culver
Matters of the Heart: A Creole Love Story, Amazon Prime Paperback

This is an historical romance set in antebellum Louisiana. His heroic rescue of a beautiful Creole of color from a fire leads to a passionate first love for Emile de Marigny, heir to Marengo, one of the largest sugar cane plantations in Louisiana. But when he is called up for service in the War against Mexico, his father insists on an arranged marriage for his son, with a suitable French Creole, to secure the inheritance of Marengo. Will it be flight to Paris with his beloved Nana, and the loss of his inheritance — or wealth, status and two women? How will this love triangle be resolved? This book is the first in a series of historical novels which continue the story of the Emile de Marigny family through the Civil War and beyond.

Editorial Reviews


I loved Matters of the Heart: A Creole Love Story! The characters are drawn vividly; I feel that I know Nana, Emile, and the rest. The book is so rich in historical details; this is no surprise to me but the reader who does not know you personally will be surprised at the wealth of knowledge. I am a fan of local color novels so this is a genre I truly enjoy. One thing that really impressed me was that the story was a real page turner at the end. I kept reading and reading because the action unfolded so quickly and I wanted to know the resolution. I am sure that this will be well-received in New Orleans and I understand how the French would be interested also. –A reader and English literature teacher

Matters of the Heart: A Creole Love Story offers something for every reader. For romance readers, the love triangle touches the heart; for history buffs, Quadroon Balls and placage bring to life a period of French Creole history unfamiliar to many, and for those who savor multi-generational sagas, this promises to be the prelude to friends and families divided by the Civil War and its aftermath. –Beth Johnson, retired principal

Matters of the Heart: A Creole Love Story, to me, is more like a novel instead of a paperback romance. There is much more substance to your material and thought/research given to the historical time period and just what life was like then for the different classes of people. I was intrigued. Having always heard and known of Creoles and lots of the history of the French Quarter, I have not read a good story about what it was like to live then. –A dedicated reader

About the Author

Mary M. Culver of Covington, LA began writing short stories as a child. She continued to write, especially children’s stories and poetry as an adult. Upon retiring from an over 50 year teaching career in 2005 she returned to her first love, writing. Hurricane Katrina led her to want to commemorate New Orleans and assist in its recovery with her series of historical novels of antebellum Louisiana, comparing the impact of the Civil War to that of Katrina and dedicating the series to New Orleans’ recovery.



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