Louisiana Film History: A Comprehensive Overview Beginning 1896


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by Ed and Susan Poole
Louisiana Film History: A Comprehensive Overview Beginning 1896, Amazon Prime Paperback

This excellent reference book is the first complete history and development of the vibrant film industry in Louisiana, dubbed Hollywood on the Bayou. Told through dozens of movie posters and stills and many fascinating details, it takes readers from the birth of the cinema in 1896, its early struggles, and on to the current plethora of film companies working in the state. Ed and Susan Poole, 30-year film accessory collectors and researchers in Gretna, LA, take us behind the scenes to explain Louisiana film lore and allure in characters such as Morgus the Magnificent, Evangeline, and the Vampire Lestat. They look at the state’s diverse ethnic heritage and natural venues that inspire film makers, not to mention genres and topics only Louisiana can conjure: voodoo, Mardi Gras, cities of the dead, and Creole and Cajun cultures and dialects. Louisiana now ranks third in the country in film production, bested only by California and New York. This is the only complete reference book on how that came to be. It lists thousands of films shot totally or partially in Louisiana in well over a hundred years and gives a history of the more prominent ones. The 8.5 x 11 inch perfect bound book is richly illustrated by dozens of movie posters and stills from the Pooles’ personal collection, reminders of the major national and international influence of Louisiana in cinema.

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Ed and Susan Poole are film accessory collectors and researchers who have been in the industry for over 30 years. This is their 13th industry related reference book, including Learn About Movie Posters, and U.S. Movie Studio Production Code Book. Residing in Gretna, LA they had a retail movie memorabilia store in a New Orleans shopping mall in the 1990s,then moved into an online site in 2000, LearnAboutMoviePosters.com which they continue to operate. Meanwhile, they have authored hundreds of articles to help establish the hobby of poster collecting. They also maintain the first and only cross-referenced movie poster research database MoviePosterDataBase.com. The Pooles give lectures and presentations about their great love and knowledge of film in Louisiana and serve as consultants to a statewide exhibit based on the contents of their latest book Louisiana Film History. Their passion is recording the state’s film history and making it available so that the history and documentation will not be lost.

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