Marietta’s House: A Grandmother’s Cottage

4by J.E. Bourgoyne and J.G. Tyburski

Marietta’s House: A Grandmother’s Cottage, Amazon Prime Hardcover

Step through the wisteria arbor into Marietta’s House with its porcelain oil lamps, lace curtains, brass beds, and family portraits with stories to tell. Portrayed in text and photographs, this book is a visit to an old Louisiana house that reflects the way people lived in a Mississippi River town from the late 1800s into the 1940s. Marietta’s House is also the story of how a woman overcame the hardships of her day to create a home and nurture her family for three generations. It is an account of how preserving something precious from the past is its own reward. The house is lovingly preserved and open for tours by appointment.

Editorial Reviews


Marietta’s House is a… book that makes a beautiful addition to any library. It deserves to be a part of your collection too. Told as much in photographs as in words, it is my friend’s poignant look at his grandmother’s home in Old Turnerville, a part of the Plaquemine complex in Iberville Parish. It is told by someone who loved the pioneer woman who created this home and nurtured her family for three generations. Visiting the home in person or viewing it through the lens of photographer J.G. Tyburski you literally step back in time. Even though this is a story about childhood memories in Louisiana, it has appeal for anyone, anywhere. Bourgoyne has dedicated this loving tribute of the past to Julie Marietta Gelpi Loupe (1894-1982) and Adam Oniel Loupe (1890-1944)…. Surviving levee breaks, hurricanes and floods, Marietta’s home is alive once more thanks to the magnificent words of a beloved grandson. –Damon Veach, The Advocate, June 1, 2008

We all have those sweet old places that tug at our hearts, our memories. For former Times-Picayune reporter Jay Bourgoyne, that place was his grandmother’s home in Turnerville, on the west bank of the Mississippi River. Marietta’s Cottage is Bourgoyne’s tribute to that place, a record of its past existence and present survival, and the ongoing work of keeping his grandmother’s history alive. J.G. Tyburski’s black-and-white photographs document almost every aspect of the little house. Marietta’s Cottage captures the appeal of familiar things that have been used and loved. It is also a tribute to the strong hold of memory, and the stewardship of family history, the stubborn endurance of Louisianians and their loyalty to the places they love. –Susan Larson, book editor, The Times-Picayune

About the Author

J.E. Bourgayne (author) , Marietta’s grandson, is an award-winning feature writer. A former trapeze artist, he lives in New Orleans where he operates Bourgoyne Guest House on Bourbon Street. J.G. Tyburski, photographer, a New York City native, taught math in Paris before moving to New Orleans. He is the official photographer for the Historic Bourbon Street Foundation.

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