New Orleans Goes to the Movies: Film Sites in the French Quarter and Beyond

6by Alan T. Leonhard
New Orleans Goes to the Movies: Amazon Prime Paperback

Elvis Presley invites us to his world of King Creole, Ingrid Bergman strolls with us through the French Market in Saratoga Trunk, and Blanche DuBois takes us for a ride on the Streetcar Named Desire. Twenty classic films set in New Orleans and at least partly shot there are discussed by author and movie buff Alan Leonhard. Written with a passion for the films and their New Orleans connection by Leonhard, the book is also beautifully illustrated with pen and ink drawings. Includes guided tours through the French Quarter and on the St. Charles streetcar to see actual filming locations and a list of all movies set in New Orleans. Bibliography and index make this book a great reference work.


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New Orleans Goes to the Movies: Film Sites in the French Quarter and Beyond is listed as a recommended resource for film studies at The Picture Show Man online for New Books in 2008. –The Picture Show Man

There are those who make a living by finding the perfect places for movies to shoot while in New Orleans. Others toil away on those sets once they’ve been constructed. Alan Leonhard makes his hay once they’ve gone. The former political science professor-and author of the recently published book New Orleans Goes to the Movies: Film Sites in the French Quarter and Beyond-has made it his business to collect information on New Orleans locations as seen through Hollywood’s lens. The 30-year veteran of university teaching, including a stint at the University of New Orleans, always has had an interest in movies, specifically those shot in New Orleans, but it wasn’t until his post-retirement life that he realized there was an appetite for such information. Leonhard’s academic background is evident in the book, which incorporates a wealth of New Orleans history into his discussion of the local movie industry. It’s even divided, with a scholar’s eye, into chapters organized by historic period. Movie lovers likely will have a particular appreciation for the book’s two self-guided tours of local movie sites-one of French Quarter locations, another a St. Charles Avenue streetcar tour. The book runs the gamut as far as movies covered. –Mike Scott, movie critic, The Times-Picayune

Where can Elvis harmonize with a woman selling crawfish, vampires live in a fantasy land, and a father find a good home for his son born under strange circumstances? Movie fans ponder these and other questions as they wash down theater popcorn with a bland drink while the actors on the screen work their way through a plot with Sazeracs, gumbo, and beignets with cafe au lait, listening to jazz music. In movies today New Orleans becomes a central character…. In a fast changing world, moviegoers can find comfort in enduring images of the Crescent City. Audiences expect to see jazz funerals, Mardi Gras floats, voodoo, yellow fever, cemeteries, Spanish moss, balconies laced with iron, and many other images to stir the imagination. A variety of styles of life and decorative effects are essential to a sense of place. Actors appearing in New Orleans movies are recongized as being at the top of the profession…. The architecture, street scenes and outdoor landscape in the city heighten the visual quality of films. The Oscar for the best performance in a leading role goes to New Orleans! Alan Leonhard is a local film historian and author of New Orleans Goes to the Movies: Film Sites in the French Quarter and Beyond. –Alan Leonhard, from Timeless New Orleans in Lousisana Film and Video Magazine

About the Author

Alan T. Leonhard, a native of New Orleans, has been a movie buff all of his adult life. He is a retired professor of political science at the University of New Orleans, holds undergraduate degrees from Tulane University and a PhD from Duke University. He and his wife Ann are tour guides in New Orleans, and Alan lectures frequently on local historical topics.

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