War of the Pews: A Personal Account of St. Augustine Church in New Orleans

7by Rev. Jerome G. LeDoux S.V.D.
War of the Pews, Amazon Prime Paperback

Also available in Kindle Edition

This is the first hand account of the headline making threatened closure of St. Augustine Catholic Church in Treme, New Orleans in early 2006 post-Katrina and the valiant, triumphant struggle of it parishioners, inspired by their beloved pastor of 15 years, Fr. LeDoux, to keep the church’s doors open. With typical candor and humor, LeDoux describes the issues involved, the importance of the church as a social, musical, and spiritual hub of Treme that has made it a national treasure. He also goes back into the 170-year history of the church with its predominately African-American population that weathered the Civil War, segregation, the civil rights movement and finally the aftermath of Katrina. “All churches should be like St. Augustine, Pope John Paul II said on his 1987 visit to New Orleans — this book explains why.


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