We Do Not Reject, We Assist!

Are you tired of that obligatory rejection form letter, knowing that the publisher probably did not even review your work? Better yet, are you tired of the “nice rejection”? Your project shows promise, but we are not currently looking for submissions in your genre, or the head-scratching response, Your submission is too ambitious for a first novel. What? If you’ve ever submitted your work to publishers, you’ve seen all of the above and more.

At Margaret Media, a writer’s publisher, we look at your submission differently. We’re not sitting around, waiting for the next Hemingway, Edgar Allen Poe, or Jane Austen to fall into our lap. We believe there are a lot of great writers out there if someone would just take the time to pay attention. We intend to do just that, and find you, the writer capable of extraordinary works that hasn’t been able to get through the heavily guarded doors of the traditional publishing world.

We’re not saying that we are going to publish every submission that comes our way. In fact, we will only publish extraordinary works. We are not a “Vanity Press”; we despise them as much as you do as the villains of the publishing world. Margaret Media will never, under any circumstance, ask you to pay us to publish your work or contractually require you to purchase back any of the books that we publish for you.

That’s what we’re not. So what are we? We are an innovative publisher taking a new approach to talent evaluation and project acquisitions. We will not outright reject your submission under any circumstances. If your submission is ready to roll, we will begin contract negotiations right away. If your project is not quite there, we will give you the guidance and tools that you need to improve your projects with no obligation to ever resubmit to Margaret Media.

We have done extensive research to locate the best books, online courses, editors, book critics, and executive editors and critics (editors and critics that have a track record of editing and critiquing bestsellers). We have done all of the homework for you. We have field-tested all of the tools that we offer and we believe they are the best. Our Work shop website at Soaply.com is 100% free, by invitation only, and only for submitters to Margaret Media. As one of our writers, you will be placed with a group of writers in your genre. On the site, you can do peer reviews for your fellow writers and vice versa.

We also offer as part of our writer’s group website an optional service that places you in a group of 10 writers that will not only do peer reviews for each other, but will also have access to a professional editor. If you choose this option, there is a $100 monthly fee for this service. This fee goes to pay the professional editors that we have employed for this purpose.

How does it work?

First, every submission is evaluated and graded on a scale from 1 to 10. Evaluations are based on marketability of the story, cohesiveness of the plot, artistic writing skill of the author, and general spelling, grammar, and structure.

If your submission scores a nine or higher, you are placed in the Margaret Media queue for a publishing contract. If your submission starts off in this category, congratulations! But if not, we’re going to get you there.

If your submission scores between a six and an eight, we’ll work together to make it a nine or ten. When a submission falls into this category, it means that we feel our professional editing team can, with your assistance, turn your work into an extraordinary project ready for publication. A sample of your work will be professionally edited and submitted to you for your review. Once you have proven to us that you are willing to adequately respond to our edits and critiques, you will be placed in the Margaret Media queue for a publishing contract.

If your submission scores between a three and a five, we believe that it has potential to become a six or higher submission, but it needs work in one or more of the categories listed earlier as criteria for scoring. It may only need minimal changes to move up in score, or perhaps it needs a significant rewrite. If you fall into this range, you are invited to join our comprehensive writer’s workshop website at www.writers.city, where you are placed in a group of nine other submitters with projects in related genres at similar levels of development. Our writer’s workshop is free of charge, and helps you improve your project with the help of your peers. Of course, you are under no obligation to use this tool to improve your work and you are welcome to join other critique groups online or offline in your area. In fact, we encourage it. Once you workshop your project, we hope you will resubmit it to Margaret Media for reevaluation. If your efforts within our writer’s workshop or on your own result in a score above six, you are placed in the Margaret Media queue for a publishing contract.

If your submission scores below a three, your project needs significant rewrites and has fallen short in two or more of the above criteria. But don’t be discouraged. We have all been there. We have diligently searched the web for the best books on the subject of writing works of fiction and nonfiction and for the most highly rated online courses to help you get your project to the next level. You will receive a short email from us, quickly addressing some of the needed improvements. We will also send you links to purchase the books that we think would help you the most and links to online course material that has proven to significantly improve a writer’s craft. Once you workshop your project, we hope you will resubmit it to Margaret Media for reevaluation. If your efforts with these tools or on your own result in a score above three, you are either moved up to the process described for scores from three to five or, if your project now scores a six or higher, you are placed in the Margaret Media queue for a publishing contract.

With Margaret Media we will never give up on you or your project. In some cases, it may take a lot of work from you, but as writers ourselves, we know that you will enjoy the process and that we will celebrate together when you are published. Good luck and we look forward to working with you.

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