Publication Plus

As of August 1, 2014, Margaret Media is now under new management. The new owners consist of three¬†writers with very diverse backgrounds. We all love Ms. Mary, and we hope to continue her legacy as a writer’s publisher. That means that we will treat your project as if it were the number one best-selling book in the country. We diligently assist our writers with the never-ending quest to perfect their work. We publish in a range of media, from print to e-book to audio-book. Publication is about more than printing, and we will work to make sure the country knows about you and your book.

We are seeking new talent to break into the world of publishing. Part of being a writer’s publisher is that we will never respond with a form letter rejection. You will receive specialized feedback designed specifically for you and your project, so whether you resubmit to us or not, you have the opportunity to grow as a writer.

Why do you want Margaret Media to publish your book? Because we believe that a small publisher’s number one obligation to it’s authors should be to make you and your project so successful that we can move you up to the next level of publishing. We will measure our success by how a many of our authors and their projects catches the eye of that publisher or that agent that previously rejected them without giving you the serious consideration that you deserve. That is our mission statement.

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